Custom made expedition vehicles

Zocama is your partner to build 4x4 custom made expedition vehicles.
Starting from your needs, we can do the best recommendation and project execution. This will be done based in more than 25 years of experience driving in the most remote areas and rough tracks.
We are making expedition trucks since 2002 in Barcelona.

Light Truck -  4x4 Vans

A new concept coming from Australia: small truck either Mistubishi or Isuzu. Light truck means 3,5T to 7,5T. Compact and low consumption. We also do 4x4 traditional van campers.

Expedition truck icon

Expedition Truck

The classical European expedition truck: from 10T to 20 T, with a separate aislated box. Reliable, big and spacious.

Monovolume icon


Why loosing space having 2 separate areas between cabin and caravan? Since 2011 our Monovolume range integrates cabin to body. Unique in the world.


Global Expedition Vehicles

Zocama is building custom made expedition vehicles since 2002 in Barcelona.
A passionate and multidisciplinary team that has the experience in the Dakar truck building as well as the field experience.
More than 25 year travelling with 4x4 in the most remote areas in the world as the Salar of UYUNI ( Bolivia), Sahara Desert ( Argelia – Mali – Morocco) or Gobi Desert have provided the needed experience on the key characteristics of your 4x4 vehicle. This has lead his founder, an Aeronautic Engineer, to mix the most advanced 3D conceptualization and design tools from the prefab industry with the skills of the local boat expertise in Barcelona and the 4x4 Dakar experience. This combination ensures to build the most trustable machines for our customers.
Our main focus is to provide security and comfort to ensure the best traveling experience for your planned expedition.


Our philosophy is the Taylor made. The REAL one, by the way we do not have a catalog. What really interest us is to design your project with you, to understand your needs and the way you are going to use your expedition vehicle (not the same if you plan to go to Siberia or Namibia). Then we enrich your ideas with our technical know how and the experience of our own trips around the world. Since we are travelling 2 months a year, we’re still learning!

At Zocama thanks to technology we are able to execute your project in 4-5 months from the GO. Main technology used are Rhinoceros, Solidworks and digital fabrication in a FABLAB. Technology always combined with the incomparable experience of craftsmen; carpenters, metalworkers...


Aeronautic engineer, Marc made his first expedition truck in 2001 and a passion was born. He travels every year 2 months with a truck, Africa, Mongolia… always in places where conditions are challenging. This gives him a huge field experience. He’s an active member of the Fab Lab Barcelona and our expert in process and digital manufacturing (digital control – CNC- , laser cutting).


Enthusiast digital control manager. Andrei is a young architect bringing a master in building passive wooden houses. It models all Zocama 3D projects until the smallest details. His current hobby is making a digital milling machine, manufacturing all the pieces from A to Z, programming and electronics included: strange for an architect isn't it? Andrei is a real  maker


Jordi has been for over 20 years in charge of the maintenance teams in a pharma plant operational 24h / 24. The welding, electricity, plumbing have no secrets for him. He brings us pharma quality standards requirements much higher than automotion world standard requirement.

Xavi & Tomas

They are our wood magicians. Wood artisans with a cumulate 40 years experience in manufacturing custom made furniture.It’s been over 10 years now that they make vehicles and boats. In contrast to a traditional carpenter, they know that a truck furniture needs to be thought to cop with vibration, torsion …


She is a dreamer, loves design, travelling and adventures. Brings management experience to the team as well as the female approach to the project. Eliane has a broad experience traveling in Africa and South America. She is also engaged in NGO Consulting.


Aeronautic Electronics engineer, Christian loves technology and doing things well: nothing will be random in the technical execution of the project, everything is calculated, verified. He is the one that draws electrical diagrams, "helicopter security grade", Christian is also responsible for driving Solidworks simulations efforts.

Our customers

owner of a Monovolume expedition truck

" We were quickly seduced by the idea of having Zocama's Monovolume concept. As a family of 5, the kids would have their own space on the roof while we would have a nice permanent bed. We had all facilities from Zocama to follow up in detail the construction of our Man Camper; through skype and the blog we got plenty of photos and comments. Today we enjoy the freedom, trust and security to travel all around the world with my family"

— Hubert and Laurence, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Owner of an Expedition Truck

“ I have really enjoyed the process of building my own expedition vehicle. Although I had a full list of requirements ZOCAMA has been able to add great value to the project and the result is amazing. The whole process has taken only 5 months! ”

— Albert Ventura, Barcelona
Owner of Khronos expedition truck

" After consultation of several companies for Khronos, our MAN TGM 13.290, the choice of Zocama was naturally made because of the adequacy between our expectations & their team skills, especially the travelling experience of the manager. We indeed wished a really custom-made truck. We made the good choice! Besides fruitful and fascinating exchanges on our project & the solutions to implement them, this adventure allowed a beautiful human meeting. We particularly appreciated the follow-up of the project, with weekly reports of the progress through a blog full of pictures and comments, all together with discussions about how to implement the works to come. The result perfectly fits our expectations, our travelling truck is unique and meets our requirements.

— Caroline and Christian, Saint Jean Saint Nicolas,  France
Jordi owner of an expedition vehicle

“Now that I’m retired I have my house to go around the world with my wife. ZOCAMA has made it real ! They have taken into account our needs and budget for a real taylor made expedition truck"

— Jordi Guiu, Andorra

Zocama is your partner for building your custom made expedition vehicle. Based in Barcelona a team of passionate people with a large experience in overland expeditions. Choose between our range of vehicle options the one that suit best your specific needs. We use the most advanced technologies to build your custom made vehicle. Contact us and explain us your needs.