Monovolume Expedition truck

Monovolume expedition truck is Zocama’s answer to use cabin area as part of your house in order to improve the use of space.

After building some 4x4 Campers, we realized there was a big opportunity to improve the use of space, because in a 4x4 truck, you have 2 separate spaces, the driver cabin and the caravan body but:

Therefore you never use all the space, as you can in a cheap 4x2 camper van.

The reason why nobody has joint the 2 parts before is because the torsion of the chassis is very high (18º) and it will broke in the first 4x4 area…

The challenge: make the impossible!

We've dedicated a specific R&D team, experts in simulation and in building 4x4 truck for the Paris-Dakar rally. A key decision was using Watts ‘s Paralegram and pneumatic suspension, combined with an elastic steel used in aeronautic. With 3 rules in top of mind : reliable, reliable, reliable.

A really amazing project: 3 year of work, lost R&D investments, two prototypes and 60 000 km of stress test in Mongolia and North Africa. 

travel the world map no limits

But the work is done now and the Monovolume Expedition truck is a reality: it works with an amazing space. We have a fantastic solution for those who want to optimize space. Including all the unit we've produced, we sum now more than 100 000 Km without any problem in the body : high temperature of Djibouti ( 44º ) , under zero of Siberia ( -20º), corrugated and washed out tracks  … 

We have Monovolume vehicles done using  MAN TGM doka and  Unimog U5000 . If you prefer another base just tell us we can study it.

Key figure for the MAN TGM version: 

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Light Truck -  4x4 Vans

A new concept coming from Australia: small truck either Mistubishi or Isuzu. Light truck means 3,5T to 7,5T. Compact and low consumption. We also do 4x4 traditional van campers.

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Expedition Truck

The classical European expedition truck: from 10T to 20 T, with a separate aislated box. Reliable, big and spacious.

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Why loosing space having 2 separate areas between cabin and caravan? Since 2011 our Monovolume range integrates cabin to body. Unique in the world.


Zocama is your partner for building your custom made expedition vehicle. Based in Barcelona a team of passionate people with a large experience in overland expeditions. Choose between our range of vehicle options the one that suit best your specific needs. We use the most advanced technologies to build your custom made vehicle. Contact us and explain us your needs.